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Robert Rubino

Digital Marketing Manager, Creative Director

Employed Since: 2019-08-01

Date of Birth: December 12th

Hometown: Trumbull, CT

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Sunsets and Palm Trees

Robert Rubino

Digital Marketing Manager, Creative Director

About Robert Rubino:

With a creative eye for production, Robert is the digital media/marketing manager and is responsible for managing ads and commercials using drones and professional cameras. Robert manages each of our brand’s websites and social media content, overseeing the development, production and review of media ranging from videos to blog posts. He has the experience needed to track how a site’s content affects its readership, making Lifetime Gutter a critical player in successful web development. In his free time, Robert enjoys the beach, being active by playing sports, and traveling. His most recent travels were to San Diego and Hawaii.

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