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Technology Driven Lead Generation Program for Rain Gutter Contractors

We build High-Powered Websites

GutterLEADr™ Technology gets you in front of more homeowners, to sell more gutters!

Authorized Lifetime Gutter™ Contractors will have exclusive access to GutterLEADr™ Technology, our custom web-based CMS Platform, with award-winning website design, call recording, lead tracking, 5-Star Review Automation & HyperLOCAL SEO specifically designed for generating rain gutter leads!

Our own Lifetime Gutter™ proprietary CMS Platform hosts your website, and provides you with a wealth of data and pre-programmed widgets to populate your site with local optimized content weekly, not available through generic hosting platforms like WordPress & Jumla

“Award-Winning” Website Design

Custom, Personalized Website Development — A larger, more robust website presence will be created, super-charging gutter contractor’s existing websites, with “City-Pages” representing each town in their service area. Numerous pages will be created and optimized to increase Google ranking, site traffic and lead conversion on each contractor’s website. 

Review Central

You will have your own third-party review software, enabling you to add 5-Star Reviews from each and every happy customer to work with. Your customized customer survey link is automated and not only increases your 5-star reviews on Google but also protects your online reputation by virtually eliminating bad reviews.

Lead Central

Your customers’ data is at your fingertips as soon as they make contact with you from your website. Phone calls are recorded & tracked, and email forms are filtered to see each page view on your site. This important data tells you exactly what the visitor was interested in before you go on your sales call.

Tracking Station

Lead source tracking is critical to staying within budget and keeping your ROI high. Most contractors’ profit margins are a direct result of their marketing expenses. Good ROI = high margins and profitability. Bad ROI = low margins and no profit…just a lot of hard work. Lead Central not only tells you how your advertising campaigns are working, but it shows you on your dashboard what lead sources are generating more leads and more in-home sales appointments.

PPC Eclipse Program

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns are an integral part of a successful Internet Marketing Program. Google Adword Campaigns, Bing Keyword Search and Facebook Advertising are all ways to generate immediate ranking and traffic to your site. Even if your website is not ranking for a specific keyword search organically (through SEO), you can rank at the top by bidding on keywords through PPC. Our PPC Eclipse Program shatters the industry average in ROI on all three PPC platforms, generating low cost, high quality leads.

Alpha—Omega A/B Testing

Our team of Internet Geeks leverage the hundreds of contractor websites we optimize and maintain and are constantly running A/B testing of everything from video content to headline colors. When site conversion increases are consistently found, the winning result is then incorporated onto all other Lifetime Gutter™ contractor websites. This testing and constant “raising of the bar”, is what keeps the Lifetime Gutter™ Contractors ahead of their competition on the internet for leads.

If you would like to be a part of our growing network, and take advantage of our proven system, successful business strategies, internet program, training and support, contact us today to learn more about becoming a Lifetime Gutter™ contractor.

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