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GutterApp™ — The Revolutionary Sales Presentation Software & Complete CRM for Rain Gutter Contractors. Rise above the sea of mediocre contractors in your market!

GutterAPP is the FIRST field service application made FOR rain gutter contractors BY rain gutter contractors. It is a sales presentation, estimation, legal contract creation and credit card processing tool that will allow an owner/operator to present his or herself swiftly, professionally and with confidence. This application was specifically designed to take growing contractors from paper to digital without all the bloated software bells and whistles they have no use for. GutterAPP was designed with the owner/operator in mind. It is the “game changer” for the smaller operation that has no interest in expensive enterprise software but is looking to improve their image, efficiency and organization. It is the perfect tool to transition to digital format from paper quotations and contracts, allowing you to stay organized and to present professionally to your prospective clients, directly leading to increased sales.”

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GutterApp™ will turn a “green” sales person in your company into a seasoned pro, in their first week on the job! The key to a rain gutter sale is “educating” the homeowner, and establishing trust in you and the company! GutterApp™ is designed to do exactly that! You hire and train a “NICE” guy or gal, and GutterApp™, with the help of the talented staff at Lifetime Gutter™ Network, will do the rest! We believe in the philosophy of scaling your business is the best way to increase your profit margins. And Lifetime Gutter Network’s GutterApp™ technology is the one tool that will best help you scale your business to levels you haven’t even dreamed about!

Business Management Software!

Providing your prospect with educational videos, explaining the problem they are facing and the options for solving it, providing them with a professional proposal, and tracking the billing & finances right through final payment is what GutterApp™ will do for you and your sales team.

Your gutter company will grow and thrive with the help of the NEW GutterApp™ software and the Lifetime Gutter™ team with vast resources available exclusively to all Lifetime Gutter™ dealers!

Lifetime Gutter™… Your Roadmap to Success.

Integrity is at the “Heart” of Our Network!

If you would like to be a part of our growing network, and take advantage of our proven system, successful business strategies, internet program, training, support, and lower product cost, contact us today to learn more about becoming a Lifetime Gutter™ Contractor.

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