AquaSpec™ — 10 Point Inspection Techniques

The Lifetime Gutter™ Field Team of experienced gutter contracting professionals, have spent years perfecting the gutter & roof inspection process, developing "Best Practices" for companies just like yours. "There is no reason you have to "reinvent the wheel", just follow our proven methods and grow your business!"

Our AquaSpec™ Inspection Process is the culmination of this passion & unrelenting drive, to create the best process for you and all of our Lifetime Gutter™ Network Contractors.

Aquaspec™ Gutter Inspection Process

When conducting a gutter system inspection, when it's feasible, we take note of:

  • 1) Pitch conditions
  • 2) Fastener types/condition
  • 3) Paint condition (Chalked? Peeling? Tiger-Striped? etc)
  • 4) System Design 
  • 5) Gutter Hanger types/condition (Note spacing distance, type, proper use, etc)
  • 6) Ground Drain Connections (Downspouts all connected?  Drain pipe type? Draintiles exist?)
  • 7) Roof Drip Edge (Existing?  Condition?  Mods needed?)
  • 8) Fascia (Condition?  Any Damage?)
  • 9) Mitres (Condition?  Any separated joints?  Any staining indicating leaks?)
  • 10)Overall System Score (10 is 'brand new', "1" is 'destroyed')

We include photos of the system with our inspection, documenting any flaws or defects that are note-worthy in our report.

EagleEye™ Roof Inspection Process

Haag Engineering logo

Lifetime Gutter insists all roof inspections are done by licensed HAAG Engineering Residential and Commercial Roof and Wind Damage Inspectors.

We have multiple certified HAAG Inspectors on staff.

HAAG Certified means the very best in technical knowledge, industry credibility and insurance claim and building code mastery.  When there is damage on your home or if you simply want to replace the roof because it's time, you want to make sure you have the best sets of eyes in charge of the work.  Lifetime Gutter (and/or Greenwich Roofs via insist on training and testing all of their field staff at HAAG Engineering, which involves intensive, 3-day courses with detailed testing.

Our roof reports are scientific, detailed and accurate.  They are structured specifically to satisfy insurance adjusters in the case of an insurance claim.  They take into consideration local building code adoptions and best practices.

Xactimate logo

Insurance claim estimation (utilizing Xactimate software) is also conducted by our HAAG certified inspectors.

Haag infrared imaging equipment

HAAG Engineering inspection tools and high-tech infrared imaging equipment are carried by our HAAG inspectors to get right to the core of your roof issue(s).

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