Gutter School™ Training Support For Entrepreneurial Success

Gutter School Training Support

The Lifetime Gutter Team of experieneced professionals in the field of Gutter Replacement, Roofing & Exterior Home Services, have expended hundreds of hours developing and presenting "Contractor Success Trainings", trademarked as Gutter School™, just for companies like yours.

We believe in training each and every one of your employees, in company culture, as well as the departmental (KPI's) Key Performance Indicators, for their own departments, and the ones that come before after their own. Your company is only as strong as its weakest department, and the employees that are accountable for it.

  • We have an online learning video library accessible for free for in-network dealers. Library will be ever-growing.
  • Access by invitation/reservation to Lifetime Gutter facility for staff training.

Lifetime Gutter's "Gutter School™ Trainings"

  • Marketing Online Offline (Lead Generation)
  • Call Center Inbound Outbound (Lead Conversion)
  • Sales Closing Ratio Average Dollas Per Sale (Revenue Per Appointment)
  • Production Best Practices (Efficiency 5-Star Reviews)
  • Service Referrals, Repeat Customers Upselling (Lifetime Customers)
  • Business Management Planning, Tracking Reporting (Know Your Numbers)
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